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Other Study Bundles

Study Bundles offered by partners are sets of learning tools that are packaged for certification study, and are available at a significant savings over purchasing the included items individually.

Study bundles offer the unique opportunity to complete a one-stop shopping experience for your Cisco certification and recertification study needs, while saving money at the same time.

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Cisco CCNA® Premium Study Bundle

Cisco CCNA Premium Study Bundle

Total MSRP value of all items in this bundle: $1,204.85
Bundle price: $699.00
Save 37% off of MSRP when taking two exams
Save 23% off of MSRP when taking one exam

$ 699.00

ILT March 23

The ILT course created on 23 March is Instructor-led remote delivery course offered by High-Touch Delivery Learning Services will provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to understand and apply their learning regarding the course.